Virtual Internship in Cheminformatics: Strengthen Your Skills for a Promising Career

An Internship in Cheminformatics

Cheminformatics is a crucial field that has gained significant momentum in research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and the biotechnology industry. Rasayanika’s virtual internship in this domain will allow you to strengthen your skills from the comfort of your home and prepare for a promising career in this growing industry.

The intern will analyze screening data related to molecular targets linked to sleep, brain health and aging that hold substantial business potential. They will also leverage omics profiling data and AI-based screening models.

Job description

Cheminformatics is the field that encompasses chemistry and informatics to facilitate the acquisition, storage, management, analysis, and dissemination of chemical information. Its development has been accelerated by advances in computer technology and molecular modeling.

Chemists collect a vast amount of data from their experiments. This can be hard to sort and organize without a computer. Cheminformatics processes this data to create computer models. This data can then be used to make important decisions.

A strong background in chemistry and computer skills is required for this internship. Experience with molecular modeling and docking is beneficial. An ability to work independently and to communicate effectively is also essential. Interns will be expected to participate in lab meetings and provide feedback on their research projects to the team. They will also be responsible for accurate electronic notebook recording and safe laboratory practices.


Cheminformatics is an emerging discipline that uses computer science and information technology to analyze and interpret chemical data. It is a powerful tool that can transform raw data into valuable insights in various industries, including drug discovery, chemical engineering, and materials science. It requires knowledge from several disciplines, including chemistry, computer science, and data analysis.

This internship will focus on the collection, storage, analysis, and manipulation of chemical data. The intern will work with Solvay domain experts and will uncover chemical insights using machine learning tools. They will be responsible for the development of ML-based models that will be used to drive hypothesis-driven drug discovery.

The field of chemoinformatics is a rapidly growing area within the field of drug discovery. As the industry seeks to reduce the time and cost of identifying drug candidates, AI/ML software has become increasingly in demand. In 2022, there has been a continuous trend of US based clients seeking to “kill two birds with one stone” by recruiting an AI/ML technical expert and a computational chemist/cheminformatician.


In the field of chemistry, an internship provides students with a real-world experience. This helps them bridge the gap between theory and practice, enhancing their comprehension of chemistry concepts and improving their job prospects. Internships in chemistry can also help students determine whether this is the right career path for them.

Interns who have an opportunity to interact with colleagues and mentors in a workplace environment are likely to make lifelong connections and friends. They may even benefit from this network during their job hunt after graduation. It is important to communicate regularly with your mentor and colleagues.

The intern will assist with a variety of tasks that include optimizing and expanding our in-house phytochemical library, which involves categorization based on compounds classes and properties to streamline screening workflows and enhance research outcomes. The intern will also work with internal scientists on foundational skin and nutrition ingredient research and development. This will include developing and implementing machine learning-based methods to support their discovery efforts.


In order to pursue a career in cheminformatics, an individual must have a strong understanding of chemical structures and principles. They also need a high-level of proficiency in mathematics and a computer science background, including knowledge of UNIX, Structured Query Language, and advanced Python libraries. In addition, they should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in their area of specialization.

Rasayanika offers a virtual internship program that allows participants to work at their own pace and strengthen their skills. This program is a natural progression for students from the bioscience, chemistry, and pharma fields, and helps them prepare for a career in this fast-growing field.

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